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The New Standard in Fiber Distribution

The C2LINX from Amphenol leads the market into the next generation of network architecture with worry-free cable management.

We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure you can correctly and efficiently manage the fiber cable at the front and the rear of the chassis.

How we do it:

  • Cable routing links that guide the cable and protect bend radius integrity
  • Inline adapters for quick access to connections for mining, maintenance and scaling
  • Locking handle that eases opening and closing of trays

Even the cable you can’t see in the back is protected.  All while offering you hyperscale density in a small footprint.

Mix and Match Modules for Flexibility

Why contain yourself to just patch or patch and splice in a single fiber distribution chassis? The C2LINX chassis lets you mix thing up when you’re terminating your fiber optic connections.

Amphenol guarantees flexibility on your network, designing its newest optical distribution panel to house:

  • Patch
  • Patch and splice
  • Pre-terminated cable
  • MPO
  • Splitters
  • TAPs
  • WDMs

Additional Information:


MAXIMUM TERMINATION DENSITY 144 LC / 72 SC DIMENSIONS 1.75"Hx17.5"Wx18.25"D (45 mm x 445 mm x 464 mm) MODULE CAPACITY 12

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MAXIMUM TERMINATION DENSITY 288 LC / 144 SC DIMENSIONS 3.5" H x 17.5" W x 18.25" D (89 mm x 445 mm x 464 mm) MODULE CAPACITY 24

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MAXIMUM TERMINATION DENSITY 576 LC / 288 SC DIMENSIONS 7.0" H x 17.5" W x 18.25" D (178 mm x 445 mm x 464 mm) MODULE CAPACITY 48

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