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2RU MMB – Multimedia Faceplate & Panels

Amphenol Broadband Solutions offers a 2RU Multimedia Faceplate System designed for high capacity and maximum flexibility in a variety of network and data center applications.

Available modules support many common fiber optic connections such as SC Simplex and Duplex, LC Duplex as well as coaxial (F81) and even RJ45 data connection jacks. This system combines high density with the convenience of combining multiple media connections in an economical package.


  • Panels are LGX® mounting compatible
  • Flexible, modular assembly
  • Multiple interface modules available:
    • SC/UPC Simplex & Duplex
    • SC/APC Simplex & Duplex
    • LC UPC Duplex
    • LC/APC Duplex
    • 6 & 12 connector modules
    • Single-Mode & Multimode
    • F81 Barrel Connectors
    • RJ45 Connectors
  • Push-pin panel fasteners

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