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Fiber Interface Terminal (FIT)

Amphenol Broadband Solutions offers a Fiber Interface Terminal (FIT) designed for outside plant deployments that provides a convenient demarcation point for connecting an OSP fiber drop cable to the customer premises cable in residential applications.

This craft-friendly, easy to install fiber demarcation enclosure can accommodate up to 90 feet of slack storage for the OSP flat drop cable.

This durable enclosure is designed for outside plant environments and incorporates innovative design features that help prevent the ingress of water and dust. The enclosure size is 12.2” x 12.2” x 3”.


  • Two cable ports with robust cable tie-downs inside the enclosure
  • Slack storage for up to 90ft of OSP flat drop cable
  • Segregated slack storage for up to 25ft of customer side cable
  • Integrated fiber adapter bracket is designed to accommodate an OptiTapTM to SC adapter
  • Low profile snap-in retainer converts the adapter bracket to accept a standard SC adapter
  • Provision for a padlock provided for added security
  • Wall mounting options deliver enclosure versatility for a variety of installation scenarios
    • External mounting tabs top and bottom
    • Internal mounting bosses in each corner
  • Durable plastic housing designed for outside plant environments
  • UL Listed and has excellent cold impact resistance

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