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HDTV Cables

High quality component audio/video cables provide improved picture quality & sound quality when compared to ordinary “out of the box” cables.

Low-loss, 75ohm impedance cables offer improved performance. Each has a color band and molded-in label to assure accurate connections.


  • Copper Clad Steel conductor with braid shield provide clear, vivid picture quality
  • Bonded construction designed for neat, easy connection of component video
  • 75-ohm, copper center conductor delivers exceptional video detail, color and brightness
  • Spiral bound construction in the audio conductors prevents EMI and RFI noise and interference
  • Nickel-plated copper alloy connectors ensure long lasting quality
  • Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief
  • Ultra-flexible PVC jacket for easy installation


  • Non-migration Low Toxic PVC Jacket
  • Copper Clad Steel Braiding
  • Twisted Braid Shielding
  • 28AWG Copper Conductor
  • PVC Insulation
  • Copper/Nickel connector

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