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LFD with MPO Connector

Amphenol Broadband Solutions offers a comprehensive solution for Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) applications based on our Layered Fiber Demarcation box (LFD).

This product set includes the LFD indoor wall-mount enclosure with 12 fiber Multi – fiber Push On (MPO) to SC/APC fanouts and MPO adapters.

The Layered Fiber Demarcation box with MPO connectors provides a quick and easy method for field connection of multiple fibers that eliminates the equipment and labor resources required for fiber splicing. It provides a pre-connectorized solution to enable rapid MDU deployments.

This product is part of an MPO system solution from ABS that ensures end-to-end mating compatibility. The LFD utilizes industry standard 12- fiber MPO-male connectors attached to MPO opposed key adapters. This enclosure is then interconnected with one of ABS’s MPO cable assemblies that uses 12- fiber MPO-female connectors.


  • Four carrier cable entry ports – with rubber grommets
  • Two customer cable exit ports – rubber grommets top and bottom for patchcord or multi-fiber cable exit
  • Powder coated aluminum housing
  • Security bolts and provisions for padlocks provided for each housing layer/door
  • MPO connectors eliminate the need fiber splicing
  • Cable sheath and strength member clamping
  • Carrier side and customer side door labels and individual adapter labeling
  • Easy wall mounting, template and hardware included
  • Grounding and ground feed-through options
  • Vertical and layered enclosure orientation allows for improved mounting flexibility and density

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