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MPO Cable Assemblies

Amphenol Broadband Solutions offers a family of Multi-fiber Push-On (MPO) Cable Assemblies that deliver a Plug-n-Play solution for interconnecting elements in an optical network.

The MPO connectors provide a quick and reliable link for multiple fibers (e.g., 12) in a single industry-standard connector.

The MPO Cable Assemblies are a pre-connectorized solution which results in lower cost of ownership by eliminating the equipment and labor sources required for fiber splicing in the field, or for field installable connectors. The result is more rapid and efficient system deployments. These cable assemblies are available in a range of lengths to accommodate a variety of deployment scenarios.
This product is part of an MPO system solution from ABS that ensures end-to-end mating compatibility. Our Layered Fiber Demarcation (LFD) box utilizes 12-fiber MPO-male connectors attached to MPO opposed key adapters. This enclosure is then interconnected with one of ABS’s MPO cable assemblies that use 12-Fiber MPO-female connectors.


  • 12-Fiber Cable Assembly with one 12-Fiber MPO connector on each end
  • Optical fibers are bend-insensitive SMF and compliant with the ITU-T Recommendation G.657.A1 standard
  • MPO connectors are female with Method A polarity that ensures compatible mating with MPO-male connectors used inside ABS’s LFD wall boxes
  • MPO connectors have insertion loss ≤ 0.75dB. They are available with low loss ≤ 0.35dB upon request
  • Plenum rated (OFNP) cable with operating temperature range of 0 to 70°C
  • Pulling eyes are attached to both cable ends to provide flexibility for various installation scenarios

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