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Stubbed Plastic Fiber Indoor Demarcation Box

Amphenol has expanded the Fiber Indoor Demarcation Box (FIDB) product line to include a plastic design that supports high-density fiber connectivity and splicing for indoor wall mount applications. This Plastic FIDB minimizes grounding requirements while still maintaining the same craft-friendly features which installers have come to rely on in the metal FIDB products such as the innovative ribbon storage technique that delivers valuable time-savings in the field.

This plastic FIDB is provided with a pre-installed cable stub that enables reduced field installation time by eliminating the need to splice inside the FIDB. The cable can be either plenum or indoor/ outdoor rated. The cable stubs are available in lengths ranging from 100’ to 1000’.

This compact plastic demarcation fiber enclosure is lightweight for easier handling. It can accommodate SC & LC style adapters and mass fusion splice sleeve holders. The maximum splice capacity has been increased up to 12 mass fusion splices (144 fibers). Incorporated in a layered, split-housing design are separate carrier and customer areas with individual security bolts and padlock hasps. A new integrated repair feature has been built-in to the carrier side to help facilitate repairs in the event of fiber breakage in the field.

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  • Four carrier cable entry ports with rubber grommets
  • Two customer cable exit ports – rubber grommets top and bottom for patchcord or multifiber cable exit
  • Durable plastic housing
  • Security bolts and provisions for padlocksprovided for each housing layer/door
  • Configured for ribbon cable and splicing
  • Pre-installed stub, alongside the adapters and fanouts
  • Removable splice sleeve module(s)
  • Cable sheath and strength member clamping
  • Carrier side and customer side door labels and individual adapter labeling
  • Easy wall mounting; template and hardware included
  • Grounding and ground feed-through options
  • Vertical and layered enclosure orientation allows for improved mounting flexibility and density
  • Dual cable retention bracket enables multiple cables per port
  • Fan-outs terminated with an MPO connector can be installed as well

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