Amphenol Broadband

is a team of like minded individuals creating innovative backbone technology for companies pursuing all forms of global interconnectivity.

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The Amphenol Broadband Solutions companies:

Pioneering broadband premises devices.

  • Premises Hardware
  • Broadband Passives
  • Broadband Actives
  • Fiber Optic Nodes

Leading the way in data-exchange infrastructure technology.

  • Coax
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Connectors
  • Assemblies

Innovating hi-frequency components.

  • Premises Hardware
  • Satellite Passives
  • OEM Specialty Products
  • Telco Material
  • Tools / Equipment

Industry leader in fiber and connectivity technology.

  • Fiber Housings - Wall & Rack Mount
  • Fiber Passives & Splitters
  • Fiber Assemblies
  • HDMI Cables
  • A/V Cables


At Amphenol Broadband Solutions, coast-to-coast domestic engineering teams design, test, and innovate new products for the future. State of the art lab facilities are operated by elite optical and RF engineers designing for todays needs and the technology of tomorrow.  


Since 1948, Times Fiber has been a global leader in the design and manufacturing of coaxial and optical cables. Now, as part of the Amphenol Broadband Solutions group, TFC is creating the next generation of advanced network products for premises, arial, underground, conduit and more.  


Let the experts who design and manufacture the cable, deliver an unprecedented connector design. Amphenol Broadband Solutions has developed connectors for a variety of applications using state of the designs not found anywhere else.


With today’s growing appetite for bandwidth and data, clean network amplification is more critical than ever. The engineering teams at Amphenol paved the way in RF amplification technology and have the track record to prove it. Compact, low noise, and feature rich designs make easy and reliable installations.


The passive network is arguably the most critical component to a strong and healthy network. Leading the way in bandwidth expansion, surge protection, and spec optimization, the best passive networks are built with Amphenol Broadband Solutions.


A network is as robust as the people who build them. From live training to web based modules, we arm technicians, contractors and end users with the technology training required to construct a long-lasting, reliable infrastructure.

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The only constant is change and this fact is demonstrated routinely in the broadband and communication industry. With the growing demand for bandwidth and data and the desire for instant reliable communication on a global scale, Amphenol Broadband Solutions is designing technology for tomorrow and beyond. 

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