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HDTV Mini Component Cables

This cable’s unique fan-out design makes it excellent for connecting in congested areas where enhanced flexibility is desired.

Connector boots are uniquely coded white for audio, black for video. Each also has a color band and molded-in label to assure accurate connections. High quality component audio/video cables improve picture quality when compared to ordinary “out of the box” cables. These low-loss, 75-ohm impedance cables improve picture quality and performance.


  • Fan out connector with flexible leads for easy connection for both audio and video high definition signals
  • Allows tighter bend radii for limited space applications
  • Fully molded features on both the connectors and break out for excellent strain relief
  • High level of shielding to protect against RF and electromagnetic interferences


  • Stranded Tinned Copper Conductors 28 AWG
  • 95% Copper Clad Steel Shielding
  • 75-ohm impedance
  • PVC Jacketed
  • ABS molded connectors with gold-plated RCA style connectors
  • Outer Jacket: 9mm Black
  • Individual Color Coded Jackets

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