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Ushering in Network Expansion with Smarter Cabinet Solutions

Constructed to provide superior protection in all environments, ABS cabinet solutions offer maximum flexibility for customizable turn-key options that future proof growing networks. Designed to save deployment cost and time, our innovative solutions include hub collapse, battery backup, composite mounting platforms and modular series cabinets.

Modular capability helps future proof your networks so infrastructure can easily grow over time.

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Cabinet Solutions Designed with Expansion in Mind

ABS offers a variety of cabinet solutions in multiple designs and modules to meet the needs of any installation. Focused on faster and easier cost-effective deployment, our enclosures protect critical network infrastructure while saving time and money.

Hub Collapse

As MSOs move out into smaller, cabinet arrangements that support a mix of active (power, battery and nodes) and passive equipment (fiber terminations and splitters), modular enclosures allow for mix-and-match compartments to fit site requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1-4 modular bays
  • Saves time and cost
  • HVAC
  • AC Load Center
  • 1200A Disconnect Switch
  • AC Meter Socket
  • Cisco GS 7000 nodes
  • Fiber Patch Panels
  • LGX Panels
  • Fiber Splice Trays
  • Power Supply & Batteries

Battery Backup Solutions

Amphenol 2V Battery Enclosures allow operators to recover valuable, conditioned space within existing buildings by enabling the movement of large 2V strings outside. Battery strings can be disconnected and moved with minimal to no network disruption.

Features & Benefits:

  • Significant cost savings over building expansion
  • 2 Volt 6-String Option
  • 12 Volt 10 – String Option
  • Conditioned / Non-Conditioned
  • 12V Battery Backup (BBU) cabinets ideal when a large battery backup is required.
  • Combine multiple BBUs for greater battery backup time or string redundancy
  • Install adjacent to or remotely from other power enclosures
  • Zone 4 Seismic rated
  • Meet NEMA 3R standards
  • Expandable and Future Proof

Composite Mounting Platforms

Composite Pads (CPAD) have replaced poured-in-place or pre-cast concrete pads because they enable more rapid network deployment. CPAD eliminates days of project work for poured-in-place concrete pads, as well as the heavy equipment required and safety concerns of handling/transporting pre-cast concrete pads.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fraction of the weight of concrete
  • Rigid platform for mounting enclosures
  • Faster and easier installation
  • Same day install of pad and cabinet reduces time and cost
  • Adds more workspace at the bottom side of pad for routing RF cables and fiber slack storage
  • Variety of sizes to best fit different equipment types
  • Universal CPAD helps avoid pre-drilling mounting holes
  • Tremendous resistance to pullover due to trapezoidal design, anchoring and winged foot
  • Won’t crack or heave

Modular Series

Ultimate flexibility for outdoor enclosure deployments. Multiple bays can be mixed-and-matched into various configurations to suit application-specific needs. The cabinet lineup can be built and shipped direct from the factory in the desired configuration.

Features & Benefits:

  • Configure to meet specific needs
  • Additional bays can be ordered later and added in the field
  • Accommodates future growth
  • Three platform sizes
  • Three compartment types
  • Power / Electronics: AC Power, Supports Load Centers on the side of the cabinet, Door Mounted Thermal Systems (HVAC, CTMS), 19/23” EIA Rack Rails Front and Rear
  • Passive Fiber: Supports Fiber Cable Entry, 19/23” EIA Rack Rails Front and Rear, Support for Various Fiber Panels – Typically 12-14″ Deep
  • Battery: Supports 12V Monoblock Battery Strings, up to 200AH, Rackmount or Tray Style, As Many Trays as Possible in Given Size, Battery Disconnect Breaker Per String
Walk in Cabinet

Walk-In Cabinets

Amphenol Walk-In Cabinets (WIC) are protective walk-in enclosures housing an integrated system of electronic components and equipment that can serve fiber and copper interfaces. The WIC offers a lighter weight alternative to concrete base station shelters providing a lower total cost of ownership.


Features & Benefits:

  • 10×10 ready to install using gravity, helical, or extension mounts, or directly on a concrete pad
  • Thermally regulated for remote base stations and edge computing sites
  • Numerous options for sealed cable ingress and egress
  • False floor accommodates variety of configurations
  • Closed loop thermal solution
  • Can withstand extreme conditions
  • Meets Telcordia GR-487 requirements
  • Zone 4 Seismic rated

Three Platform Sizes

Height (In)
Width (In)
Depth (In)
RU (Front/Back)

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