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WaveTrax® Fiber Raceway

Fast, simple, and durable.

WaveTrax®, the Amphenol fiber raceway system, is an end-to-end solution designed to help engineers deliver reliable fiber optic network performance. WaveTrax snap-together components reduce time and cost on installation by 50 percent and on retrofits by 60 percent. Benefits of the WaveTrax system:

  • Your custom configured solution is designed by Amphenol fiber engineers
  • Directional fittings meet most network configurations
  • Competitive adapters allow improvements to raceway

Reduce your cost of ownership with the full line of WaveTrax products, including troughs, elbows, cross and T sections, off-ramps and articulating links.

Cable Management for Any Size Facility

Introducing 24″ options for WaveTrax. The 4×24-inch system is the ultimate raceway solution to securely route and protect patch cords over high-density optical distribution frames including Amphenol’s HyperX. Designed for maximum capacity, this robust system provides the same support and flexibility as the traditional 4×12- inch system while doubling capacity.

We Make it Easy

We understand that every network facility is different and your cable management solution needs to be unique, too. Our engineering team uses your specifications to develop a WaveTrax® solution that meets your needs. Your Custom Configured Solution (CCS) service provides drawings of an overhead layout and a full inventory of the materials you need to manage your cable. All drawings provided are to-scale.

Ready to get started? Our application engineers are standing by to support your cable management needs!

Turn a Corner with CableLinks®

The snap-together CableLinks system makes drop sections a breeze. Our links are ideal for negotiating horizontal and vertical runs in tight areas. They articulate front to back and side to side, bending to 22.5 degrees, allowing a right-angle turn with only four links. Did we mention only four links?

Snap on Modular Exit

The WaveTrax Express™ off-ramp provides a modular exit that snaps onto the side of an existing 4″, 6″, 12″ or 24″ trough run. The off-ramp guides cable up and over the sidewall of the trough, then down into the desired bay with a 30 mm cable bend radius throughout the transition.

The WaveTrax Express twelve-inch off-ramp provides a modular exit on an existing horizontal fiber trough without any cutting or special tools. Installation is simplified by our patent-pending ratcheting bracket. Our Express-Off Ramp also attaches to 24-inch fiber trough. The snap-together WaveTrax raceway system from Amphenol reduces time spent on installations and retrofits.

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End-to-End Solution

Simplify your overhead cable management with the smooth, end-to-end connection of Amphenol WaveTrax® Express. All you need is our ratcheting tool and the snap-fit FastLock™ coupler. No nuts, bolts or screwdrivers required.

When it’s time to add more fiber cable to support user demand, an optical fiber raceway that’s easy to modify and scale makes retrofits way less expensive. A solid end-to-end solution creates a situation where network engineers can build the network for today, yet plan to grow tomorrow. Watch and discover time and cost savings percentages when using Amphenol’s WaveTrax on new installations and retrofits. Hint: It’s big!

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