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The Most Versatile Fiber Splice Solutions

ABS offers a complete line of optical splice closures for any application as well as a range of splitters and components. With aerial, pole, wall mount, pedestal and below grade options, ABS fiber splice solutions are designed to be the most versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective on the market.

Flexible Fiber Splicing for More Connectivity.

Fiber Sealed Drop Closures (FSDC)

Key Features:

  • Robust molded glass filled propylene housing
  • Up to 48 single fusion splices
  • Store 12 buffer tubes (144cable)
  • Environmentally sealed and IP68 rated
  • Aerial, pole, pedestal, or below grade mountable
  • Easy access for installation, repair and adds
  • Fits splitters and optical tap trays for any architecture
  • Cost effective compression grommet sealing

Fiber Sealed Drop Closure Miniature (FSDCM)


  • Robust GF-PP housing to withstand acidic and alkaline environments
  • Mechanical compression technology provides cost-effective, reliable sealing
  • Sealed IP68 rated and can be used both aerially and below grade
  • 8 drop ports can accommodate flat or round drop cables
  • 24 splice capacity
  • 1x4 or 1x8 PLC splitters available
Info Sheet

Fiber Sealed Drop Closure For Hardened Drops (FSDC-H)

  • Robust glass filled polypropylene housing to withstand acidic and alkaline environments
  • Up to 48 single splices provides adequate splice capacity in a compact size
  • Available with 2, 4, or 8 Amphenol H-connector to SC/APC adapter interface (OptiTap compatible)
  • Spacious loose tube fiber storage in a compact size can express 144 fibers
  • Mechanical compression technology provides cost-effective reliable cable sealing
  • Hinged snap cover allows easy access for installation, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Sealed IP68 rated for use in aerial, pole, pedestal, or below grade applications
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Fiber Optic Dome Closures (FODC)

Key Features:

  • Robust glass-filled polypropylene housing
  • Two sizes with 144 or 288 splice capacities
  • Optional 48 splice version with internal adapter frame
  • Closures are aerial, pole, wall or below grade mountable
  • All splice trays and cable grommets included
  • Environmentally sealed and IP68 rated
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Fiber Optic Round Closures (FORC)

Key Features:

  • Robust glass filled polypropylene housing
  • Compact size for limited space applications
  • Environmentally sealed and IP68 rated
  • 36 splice capacity
  • Dual feed port and two branch ports
  • Multi-cable grommets available to use as a drop closure

Fiber Aerial Solutions (CFAS)

Key Features:

  • Robust molded lightweight housing
  • Separated splice and drop compartments
  • Available in either splice or drop configurations
  • 12 drop ports with SC adapters in drop configuration
  • Can be deployed with in-line or butt splice fiber splicing
  • Free breathing
  • Aerial strand mounting

Download the Amphenol Broadband Solutions Splice Closure Selection Guide

Selection Guide

Versatile, User-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Technicians go-to option for protecting FTTH network connections to the subscriber, ABS fiber splice solutions deliver the most versatility in the field. Available in multiple of form factors, ABS fiber optic sealed closures are deployed to support a variety of topologies including on a strand, on a pole, in a pedestal and below ground.

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