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Pedestals & Housings


Z14 Generation II Low-Profile Housing

Next generation CATV network upgrades, including Remote PHY (R-PHY), MAC-PHY, Node + 0, Node + N, etc., are placing increasing thermal and space demands on outside plant pedestal housings. New R-PHY optical nodes are being engineered to dissipate 160 Watts of power; significantly greater than prior generations of pedestal housings were designed to accommodate.

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Louvered Low-Profile Housing (LLPH)

Amphenol Louvered Low-Profile Housing provides mounting facilities and security for amplifiers, nodes and other equipment.The louvered vents provide excellent heat dissipation with louvered protection.

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Z24 Generation II Low-Profile Housing with Extended Depth Base

The Amphenol Z24 pedestal housing was engineered specifically to meet the demands of next generation CATV network architectures and equipment. It is built to withstand the harsh elements typically found in outside plant deployments. Leveraging our expertise in outside plant enclosure engineering, thermal analysis, design and testing, the Z24 is capable of supporting R-PHY compliant equipment across all regions in the USA.

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Multi-Purpose Housing

A proven, versatile enclosure designed to environmentally protect outside plant equipment coax cabling, and fiber splicing in OSP networks The Amphenol CMPH-7 Series Multi-Purpose Housing is designed for new installations as well as rehabilitation of existing CATV pedestal housings. The superior structural strength, outstanding environmental protection and ease of installation combine to create a long-life housing that reduces operational expenses. The CMPH-7 series housing has proven itself as a versatile workhorse supporting in a wide variety of applications and customer networks. Available with both vented and non-vented domes.

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Z08 Series Active Device Low Profile Pedestals

Amphenol has engineered a next generation amplifier pedestal that has been thermally optimized and can passively dissipate over 100W in a small 30” x 20” footprint.

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R02 Round Profile Vertical Broadband Pedestal

The R02 pedestal has a round profile dome which is self-latching for reduced chance of being left unlocked. The depth of the dome provides sufficient clearance to support the bend radius of fiber drops exiting a fiber terminal or coax drop cables exiting the RF directional tap. The dome’s height provides ample space for stacked interconnected directional taps with splitters and directional coupler housings in a single pedestal. These pedestals are molded from a polyethylene resin specifically designed for outside plant environments, resisting impact, ultraviolet and environmental degradation.

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Z05 / Z06 Vented Vertical Pedestals

Amphenol‘s Z05 and Z06 series vented vertical pedestals provide ease of installation and maintenance and robust protection for active and passive devices, including fiber components in below-grade outside plant cable environments.

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Series 3 Fiber Pedestals

Series 3 Fiber Pedestals are developed as a response to unprecedented industry demand. These pedestals offer the same interface to access, construct, and deliver service as our current popular existing pedestals. In addition, Series 3 Fiber Pedestals are built of the same thermoplastic resin as our broadly utilized CMPH and broadband pedestals with over 20 years of field- proven performance.

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Z02 Non-Louvered Vertical Broadband Housing

Amphenol’s Z02 Non-Louvered Vertical Broadband Housing provides mounting facilities and security for fiber taps and RF passive components used in Fiber-to-the-Home or coaxial-based access networks. These pedestals are molded from a polyethylene resin designed for outside plant environments, resisting impact, UV rays, and environmental degradation. Network access equipment can be affixed directly to the slotted thru–hole provisions integrated into the equipment mounting stake. In addition, optional bracket kits provide increased mounting flexibility to meet customer-specific needs and applications.

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Below Ground Enclosures

Tier Rated Underground Enclosures™ (TRUE)

Amphenol's Tier Rated Underground Enclosures™ (TRUE) are made from advanced composite material using a proprietary molding and gel coat process. The resulting enclosures are uniquely lightweight and rugged, providing superior performance with ease of handling and installation. TRUE grade-level enclosures have a tapered wall design that provides greater usable volume compared to competitive polymer concrete cover sizes.

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HDPE Below Grade Enclosure

The Amphenol HDPE Below Grade Enclosures (HBGE) are lightweight, molded polyethylene handholes. Designed for light duty placements (parkway/greenway applications), these sturdy below grade enclosures serve a variety of purposes in telecommunications, wireless, utility, Broadband CATV and municipality networks.

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Mounting Pads

Composite Mounting Pad (CPAD) Alpha Power Supply Cabinet

This Composite Pad (CPAD) that replaces poured-in-place or pre-cast concrete pads. The CPAD enables carriers to more rapidly deploy their network by eliminating days of project work for poured-in-place concrete pads, and the heavy equipment requirements and safety concerns of handling and transporting pre-cast concrete pads.

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