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About Amphenol

Amphenol Broadband Solutions is a global leader in the manufacturing and engineering of interconnect products for a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, military, broadband and wireless telecommunication.

Headquartered in Wallingford CT, USA, Amphenol Broadband Solutions…




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Amphenol Broadband Solutions (ABS) provides innovative technologies to the world's Broadband Service Providers.

ABS brings together the creative forces behind industry leaders Times Fiber, Holland Electronics, Extreme Broadband Engineering and All Systems Broadband to deliver forward-looking solutions across the entire spectrum of broadband network topologies; wireless, copper, fiber and satellite.

With strategic manufacturing locations around the globe, including coaxial cable manufacturing facilities in North America, Amphenol Broadband Solutions is able to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Our hardware, design and inventory management solutions, along with our training and deployment programs, ensure every ABS product and the technicians who use them are equipped to build and support a highly reliable network.


Amphenol Broadband Solutions is the most diverse and experienced communications engineering team in the industry.

With expertise in RF, Fiber Optics and Wireless technologies, our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing teams deliver improved logistics, faster response times and increased performance and reliability. ABS is the undeniable product expert on the DOCSIS Passive and MoCA. We can deliver solutions for every part of todays advanced networks.

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