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Finally! Simple Fiber Management.

A cable management strategy provides network-wide standards for how the fiber is managed. It helps ensure fiber performance, accelerate the speed and accuracy of any adds, moves, or changes. Typical routing options today include low-end split tube or more costly slotted duct.

Although split tube provides cost savings, installation can be cumbersome, creating the potential for fiber damage during the installation process. Plus, the level of actual fiber protection is minimal. With slotted duct, the challenges are different yet just as significant. A rigid, non-flexible design limits capabilities. Adding or removing fiber typically requires removing the slotted duct cover, a labor-intensive process that creates an additional opportunity for cable damage and generally, costs can be high.

Introducing FlexTrax®… and we know! Cable managers shouldn’t look this cool.

With more flexibility and better protection than split tube and greater ease of access than slotted duct, FlexTrax essentially replaces both. Traditional installations often combine tube and duct, with adapters required to transition between the two. FlexTrax eliminates all of this, reducing overall costs while enhancing flexibility 
and protection.

Data Center Cable Management Solutions

FlexTrax combines the flexibility of split tube with greater ease of access than slotted duct, significantly reducing the potential to pinch or bend a fiber compared to current vertical cable management methods. Users can purchase FlexTrax as needed for the application based on estimated length required. Installation is simple and dynamic, allowing users to customize a solution to fit specific requirements.

We Make it Easy

We understand that every network facility is different and your cable management solution needs to be unique. Our engineering team uses your specifications to develop a WaveTrax® solution that meets your needs. Your Custom Configured Solution (CCS) service provides drawings of an overhead layout and a full inventory of the materials you need to manage your cable. All drawings provided are to-scale.

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