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Band Pass Filter Kit

Obtain more accurate measurements of high MER signals at the node output from DOCSIS 3.1 forward path signals.

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All the Filter Tools Technicians Need in One Kit

  • 1 - 200-400 MHz Band Pass Filter
  • 1 - 300-500 MHz Band Pass Filter
  • 1 - 400-600M Hz Band Pass Filter
  • 1 - 500-700M Hz Band Pass Filter
  • 1 - 600-800M Hz Band Pass Filter
  • 1 - Protective Weatherproof Hard Case

Correctly Estimate EQ-MER Per Carrier

Our filter kit is essential for being able to correctly estimate the EQ-MER per carrier at the output of a Node or even an amplifier that is supporting a forward path bandwidth greater than 870 MHz and effectively all Nodes that are now designed to support a 1218 MHz bandwidth.

Meet Requirements for MER Measurements and Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1

Signals from 100 MHz to 1218 MHz output will have a minimum of up to 22dB tilt, forcing technicians to desensitize in order to measure accurately. When the systems expand to 1800 MHz, the tilt will be 32-36dB making these filters a requirement for any MER measurements and mission-critical once FDX comes into play.

Application Results

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Who needs this kit?



Test and maintain your systems with greater accuracy.

Five plus years

Equipment Makers

Verify your products meet the high specifications of the operators.

Five plus years

Analyzer Manufacturers

Prove the readings you measure are not the limitations of the analyzer but rather due to system tilt.

Schedule an appointment to talk to a representative about the Band Pass Filter Kit.

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