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Linear Series Broadband Digital Splitters & Taps

How can you be certain the passives you buy and install today won’t deteriorate or fail in two or three years, creating significant and unnecessary service costs for your network?

To ensure performance longevity, Amphenol Broadband linear passives are designed to handle potential high-level RF power e.g. DOCS’S 3.1 (2 +65dBmV).

High-signal levels can saturate and magnetize the ferrite core. Saturation resilient ferrite material will greatly reduce potential passive intermodulation, mainly 2nd and 3rd harmonic carriers that can potentially cause co-channel interference with downstream QAM carriers.

Linear Digital Splitters and Taps are the industry optimum DOCSIS 3.1 ready passive products. Providing future proof RF performance and long-term reliability through design excellence, innovation and quality manufacturing. Zinc die cast housing and fully soldered back ensure the best electrical performance in a variety of splitter and tap types and outputs. Precisely engineered electrical components and materials guarantee peak performance in every condition, location and environment. Trust your network with Amphenol Broadband Solutions Digital Splitters and Taps.

Quality Design

At Amphenol Broadband, quality design begins with a well-made housing. The primary elements of the housing are the base metal, the tooling, the plating and the finish.

  • Tooling & Finish: Our splitters are highly polished to a smooth finish that resists micro-pooling of environmental agents. Parting lines along the ports have been eliminated to ensure an optimum weather seal.
  • Base Metal & Plating: Zinc alloy is plated with NiSn to make the housing electrochemically compatible with the connectors. The back plate is also cast from zinc alloy. NiSn plating offers a dependable surface for soldering the back plate to the housing.

Minimizing broadband noise is a longstanding CATV system network challenge. Excess noise limits data throughput restricting services. Optional BarrIERTM LiTE is a technology addressing noise corruption within CATV networks.


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