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Alpine System 4-Post Seismic Rack

Full Stability Tailored to Your needs and Space

Amphenol’s new 4-Post rack is the premier choice for maximizing your space to fulfill your rack needs. Alpine System™ can be set up as a stand-alone rack; fully configured with doors, side panels, and accessories; or as part of a system that includes our power distribution panels, fiber distribution panels, and cable managers.

The Alpine System rack is a top-of-the-line seismic rack from a trusted rack provider. It is a 4-post rack solution that is capable of housing all your network equipment securely. This rack system was created to meet the needs of our customers who require a larger seismic rack systems. We provide full support of our products; can create custom solutions; and offer integrated solutions. It is compatible with our fiber panels, power panels, and horizontal cable managers, as well as with industry-standard equipment from other suppliers. The Alpine System also has a dedicated application engineering team to help you configure your perfect custom solution.


Key Benefits:


  • Compatible with a variety of sizes of power panels, fiber panels, and other equipment. Split Ratio = Symmetrical
  • The front and back doors are removable, and the doors have a perforated honeycomb design, maximizing ventilation and visibility while remaining secure.

Full Support

  • We provide full customer support for our product.
  • We offer integrated solutions to meet customer needs.
  • We can ship the product pre-assembled for faster and easier installation.

Size and Stability

  • Seismically rated to zone 4
  • Load bearing up to 1000 lbs


The rack system houses network gear. It is versatile and can be used for a variety of network equipment. We foresee use in central offices, metro networks, and edge networks

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