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Protecting Networks from Electrical Threats

Because lightning is a frequent and recurring natural event across North America, it’s important to consider the effect it can have on a network. Current can enter a home through any number of conductive routes, including CATV cables, posing the risk of damage to delicate electronics as well as possible injury to occupants.

The best approach to protecting networks includes a variety of preventive measures throughout the cable plant, including bonding, grounding, powering and isolation hardware.

Key Benefits:

The benefits of having a well-thought approach to protection include:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Eliminate damaged equipment
  • Reduce risk and/or increase safety

ABS Provides a Variety of Solutions That Effectively Minimize Risk

Products You’ll Need:

Power line shorts due to fallen trees
Protect against up to 500VAC by using the CATV drop as a path to ground
CPE loss
Isolate the CATV from the ground return path for surges entering the home via the AC wiring
Reverse AC faults
Reverse home AC wires to help prevent a short circuit to ground


Stormy Weather... and Lightning Surges!

Download the whitepaper and read more about the common issues that can arise as a result of lightning strikes, plus get our tips on how to prevent damage.

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