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Products with nrgSMART technology monitor current at the individual circuit level, providing detailed information not available with feed-level monitoring or threshold-alarming like most other monitoring panels on the market. nrgSMART technology not only provides threshold alarms for current, voltage, and temperature, notifying you of issues BEFORE fuses or breakers trip, it reports current per individual circuit, total input bus current, as well as panel input voltage and data from external temperature probes. This extensive reporting and threshold alarming allows the user to determine the actual current usage, enables powerful trend analysis, and gives insight into equipment performance to identify issues before they become a problem.


GEN2 nrgSMART Architecture: We are excited to announce INTEGRATED nrgSMART TECHNOLOGY. nrgSMART technology will be an option with all of our new power distribution products. This includes integrated nrgSMART circuitry, which provides a simpler integration and a better value for our customers. This new architecture allows direct network connection to each individual nrgSMART panel, or the capability to interconnect multiple nrgSMART panels over nrgNET serial cabling, with a single network connection.


The nrg600BTxx panels provide total front access to circuit breaker and LED status. All terminals for inputs, outputs, ground, and alarms on are on the rear of the panel. The open frame design allows easy access while the clear cover provides added protection after installation is complete.

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The Amphenol nrgCONTROL-BT coordinates and collects data for up to 30 nrgSMART™ enabled PDUs. Panels are connected over a simple daisy chain connection. One IP address is all that is required for all attached PDU panels.

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240GT54/nrg240GT54 – 240A Dual-Feed Combination Fuse Panel

The Amphenol 240GT54/nrg240GT54 combination fuse panels are 240A dual-feed and provide 5/5 GMT fuse positions and 4/4 TPA fuse or circuit breaker positions

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300CB08/nrg300CB08 – 325A Dual-Feed Circuit Breaker Panel

The Amphenol 300CB08/nrg300CB08 are 325A dual-feed 8/8 position circuit breaker panels featuring ±12/±24/±48V operating voltages to serve both legacy and “next-gen” network applications.

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The 125GMT family is perfect for virtually every low current application in the telecom industry. GMT fuse panels are one of the most widely deployed top-of-rack power distribution panels in most telecom networks. With 125A dual inputs, universal operating voltage (±12/±24/±48 VDC) and up to 20A GMT fuses, these compact 1RU panels are the measure for all other panels. Available in 10x10 and 15x15 fuse positions, these panels also offer two different output options: standard screw terminal outputs, or robust connectorized outputs for faster and easier deployments.

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The 250TPA08/nrg250TPA08 fuse panels are 250A dual-feed and provide 8/8 TPA fuse positions. Our 250TPA08/nrg250TPA08 panels feature ±12/±24/±48V operating voltages to serve both legacy and “next-gen” network applications. Engineered into a standard 1RU footprint, each circuit supports up to 50A TPA fuses in each position, providing ample capacity for distribution to a broad range of components. Advanced circuit-level monitoring features are available as an option. The panel is available in standard terminal block outputs or connectorized outputs.

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nrgSMART Integrated Controller & Sensor

Amphenol’s nrgSMARTTM technology provides detailed monitoring of individual circuit current, voltage, and remote temperature conditions, with a controller integrated within the DC power distribution panel.

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