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Drop Cable Options

Getting the Best Out
of Coax

Amphenol Broadband Solutions is one of the premier manufacturers for coaxial cables for the telecommunications industries. Our product profile provides designs for specialized applications needing coaxial cables in various sizes, combinations, and specifications for telecommunications as well as the radio, video, TV and information industries.

Hear from ABS and SCTE about the coax network landscape, the coexistence of coaxial and fiber and the present and future demands on the network and cable plant.

Eco-friendly tech service bag

The eco-friendly tech service bags utilize a 500’ coil vs. a traditional reel that installs into the technician service bag by utilizing a refillable reel.

Legacy tech service bag

The legacy tech service bag utilize a 500’ reel of cable that installs into the Technician Service Bag.

Reel in a Box

Reel in a Box packaging is available for a wide variety of our indoor drop cable applications.

Additional coaxial drop products

Also available in 1,000’ reel lengths. Direct burial cable and aerial messengered cables come on 1,000’ as the standard.

Features Available:

Cable Construction for:

  • Series 6
  • Series 11

Jacketing Available for:

  • PVC for Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Plenum Applications
  • Riser Rated Applications
  • PVC Aerial Messengered Applications
  • PE & PE Direct Burial Applications

ETL Jacketing Ratings

  • CATV
  • CMP
  • CMR
  • CM
  • CMG
  • CMX

Shielding Performance

  • 60% Dual Shield
  • 77% Tri-Shield,
  • 60%/40% Quad-Shield
  • ShieldX®: Superior shielding capabilities against 4G LTE and 5G interference

Additional Features:

  • lifeTime® non-flowing indoor / outdoor application additive between the jacket and the braid providing superior corrosion protection, moisture mitigation and lubrication for easier connector insertions available
  • Quickprep bonded foil design comes standard for all of our tri-shield cables at no additional cost
  • Same prep / Same Connectors / Same steps
  • Quality Tested and Approved by major MSOs for quality, mechanical, and electrical performance

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