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Audio / Video Cables

Elite HDMI IRC Cable

ABS’s unique Increased Retention Connector (IRC) includes design features that have been engineered to consistently raise the retention force of the connector, when compared to other HDMI connectors.

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Toslink Cables

Digital optical cables are manufactured from high-quality PMMA optical fiber with a polished lens and gold-plated collet to provide an accurate digital signal. The PVC jacket adds flexibility and durability for years of listening pleasure.

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S-Video Cables

S-Video cables provide the perfect solution for connecting extended definition video recorders or digital satellite systems to A/V receivers or televisions/monitors. Carefully designed dual 75-ohm precision video conductors ensure optimal video quality.

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RCA Cables

RCA cables offer excellent sound quality for today’s audio and home theater applications. These cost-effective performance cables provide maximum sound performance compared to ordinary audio cables.

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HDTV Mini Component Cables

This cable’s unique fan-out design makes it excellent for connecting in congested areas where enhanced flexibility is desired. Connector boots are uniquely coded white for audio, black for video.

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HDTV Cables

High quality component audio/video cables provide improved picture quality & sound quality when compared to ordinary “out of the box” cables. Low-loss, 75ohm impedance cables offer improved performance.

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