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DOCSIS Passive

If your network uses MoCA, the DOCSIS Passive can help you reduce costs by eliminating amplifiers.

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100% Passive Broadband Installation

Accommodate 8+ STB's, MoCA controllers and modems without power supplies or amplification. This means no more premises amplifiers and some serious noise reduction. Each DOCSIS Passive provides dramatic cost savings and cleans up the network.

Eliminate Noise, Ingress and Egress

Reduce installation costs and dramatically improve reliability, system performance and network health.

Smart, Space-Saving Design

The compact DOCSIS Passive was designed to fit into smaller enclosures while maintaining SCTE compliance for port spacing. Labels are color-coded to match the ports for easier installation.

Input placement remains consistent whether mounted vertically or horizontally, providing better port accessibility and making employee training easier.

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Tested and Trusted Since 2013

Amphenol Broadband Solutions is the leader in MoCA innovation in the telecommunications industry.


to introduce the MoCA Splitter and DOCSIS Passive.

Five plus years

we’ve been testing and improving our product to ensure it can meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Unlike many other networking devices, the DOCSIS Passive has a lengthy, proven track record. In 2018 alone, Amphenol Broadband Solutions has trained over 5,000 techs on MoCA 101 and DOCSIS Passive installation with pre and post-deployment support.

Benefits of Eliminating Premises Amplifiers

  • Considerable Cost Saving
  • Eliminate Power Supplies
  • Reduces Installation Time
  • Reduces Service Calls
  • Eliminates Electrical Safety Issues
  • Eliminates Noise Ingress

Schedule an appointment to talk to a representative about DOCSIS.

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