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1.8 GHz Devices:
Ready for Primetime

The promise of 10G broadband speeds is rapidly approaching. Broadband service providers must continue to modernize infrastructure to meet the need for higher bandwidth in HFC networks. A transition to 1.8 GHz passive products will facilitate the coming evolution to 10G.

Key Benefits:

  • Our 1.8 GHz passives are part of a complete line of premises products designed and built to work together as an installation system
  • The Infinity Premises System creates standard premises installations for more organized and easy-to-manage installs for your technicians
  • Upcoming system upgrades and improvements are simplified with this foundational approach
  • A full line of 1.8 GHz actives and passives
  • Product standardization and integration is complemented by the ABS Training Program

ABS Provides a Complete 1.8GHz Solution


1.8 GHz Devices: Ready for Primetime

Download the whitepaper and read more about the new 1.8 GHz devices and how they fit into a complete premises solution, preparing your network for 10G services.

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