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1RU Power Panel Platform

The Industry’s Highest Density Panel is

Our 1RU DC Power product family was designed to meet your needs, for your facilities, for both today and tomorrow.

Amphenol Broadband Solutions has been delivering quality, industry-certified power products for decades and we’re excited to continue innovating.
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The 1RU platform was created to give customers real, practical benefits. It includes both new and enhanced features that make it easy to choose the right product, quickly deploy, install and monitor the highest density panel in the industry. Panels can be ordered in 3 versions: Standard (screw terminal outputs), Connectorized outputs (busbar inputs), or Connectorized outputs with stud inputs.


Speed and Size


Why Connectorization?

Rack space is a premium, and network engineers want to fill it with revenue-generating equipment; connectorized power cabling frees up valuable rack space.

  • Outputs come straight out of the panel, so that a 1RU panel truly takes only 1RU
  • Save time/effort/skill/tools to install cable as standard lugs
  • Cables can be purchased with connectors pre-installed
  • It takes seconds to populate a panel vs. minutes
    • Standard terminals require removing and replacing 2 screws per circuit. Connectors take seconds to plug in, and can only be plugged in one way.
    • No risk of over-torqueing or of dropping screws
  • Connectors take up less space
    • Most cables “waterfall” straight down, parallel to the rack, interfering with equipment below the power panel.
    • Connectors are routed straight back, parallel to the floor, opening access to equipment directly below the power panel – where your revenue is generated!

We Have What You Need

  • Require Density? Connectorization provides a dense solution, allowing outputs to come straight out of the panel, so that a 1RU panel truly takes only 1RU; no open space is required below the panel for cable routing.
  • Need to Streamline Your Install? Connector contacts use the same installation crimpers as standard lugs, and quickly plug into the power panel with a dual-locking retainer. Connectors can be dis-assembled and re-assembled in the field. Screw terminations are eliminated, making installation and upgrades very fast. Pre-assembled whips can be custom-ordered to allow even faster deployments.
  • Have a Variety of Capacity Requirements? Panels are available in high current input 8×8 circuit breaker or TPA fuses, mid-current TPA/circuit breaker/GMT combinations, and low current 10×10 GMT and 15×15 GMT variations.
  • Need Some Power Intel? Panels are available with standard alarming via output contacts or with nrgSMART per-circuit current monitoring.
  • Love the Simple Life? All panels have removable alarm cards for easy field servicing. All standard panels share a common alarm card and all nrgSMART panels share a common nrgSMART alarm card, making spare inventory simpler to manage.


  • 10×10 and 15×15 fuse positions
  • 125A dual inputs and
up to 20A GMT fuses
in each position
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  • 240A dual-feed
  • 50A TPA fuses or 60A breakers in each position
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  • 250A dual-feed
  • Each circuit supports
up to 50A TPA fuses
in each position
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250A dual-feed Each circuit supports
up to 50A TPA fuses
in each position

  • 325A dual-feed
  • Each circuit supports
up to 60A breakers in each position
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