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NDXTM Connector: Next-Gen Dual-Shield eXtended

Amphenol has built on best-practices in performance, ergonomics and capacity for a true next generation broadband network connector. NDXTM are designed for intuitive, consumer use while delivering the headroom to handle future high-volume 3GHz systems. The dual-shield provides a secondary ground that is strategically placed for maximum RF ingress protection.

Watch Amphenol’s Director of Engineering explain the advantages of NDXTM below.
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NDXTM Satisfies Tomorrow’s Interconnect Requirements Today

A next generation RF connector for CATV Broadband applications to replace Type F, NDXTM delivers the high-volume capacity, compatibility and cost-effectiveness that consumers demand. Amphenol’s Owen Barthelmes explains what makes NDXTM connectors tomorrow’s choice.

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NDXTM Connectors

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides an intuitive user experience suitable for consumer level usage
  • Enables bandwidth expansion for future systems and protocols
  • Delivers compatibility with existing tooling infrastructure at the installer level
  • Reduces total cost of ownership across the value chain, especially reduced truck rolls
  • Achieves high RF ingress protection against current and future wireless bands

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