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C2E – 4RU – 48 Base-12

The C2E chassis provides a solution that is dense, modular and tray based. It is offered as either a dedicated Base-8 solution using the C2 Base-8 modules for MPO or MTP breakout modules, or a dedicated Base-12 version.

This 4RU Base-12 C2E holds up to 48 Base-12 standard C2 AOM modules. See the C2 AOM ordering guide for details on module information.

Chassis Dimensions

Chassis Dimensions
1RU 1.75” Height,18.10” Depth,17.25” Width
2RU 3.50” Height, 18.10” Depth, 17.25” Width
4RU 7.00” Height, 18.10” Depth, 17.25” Width


Chassis Density

Chassis LC Connectors Module Capacity Trays
1RU 144 LC connectors 18 Base-8 *AOMs 3 trays
2RU 288 LC connectors 36 Base-8 *AOMs 8 trays
4RU 576 LC connectors 72 Base-8 *AOMs 16 trays

*Advanced Optical Module (AOM)

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