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Compact Fiber Hub CFITH-144

High-Capacity Fiber Distribution Hub for Passive Optical Networks (GPON/EPON)

Amphenol’s CFITH-144 provides fiber distribution to subscribers from a compact, environmentally protected wall, pole or pad mount outdoor terminal. The CFITH-144 has been designed with flexibility in mind. These PON terminals feature a pivoting bulkhead with 144 SC/APC connectors and have space for up to five splitters for incremental growth. Stub cables are preconnectorized and 100% factory tested to create a turnkey fiber distribution solution ideal for apartments, strip malls, business parks and other multi-user locations. The CFITH-144 is constructed from powder-coated aluminum that is both durable and lightweight. The unit can be quickly installed by a single technician. The front access door is secured with low-profile, 216-tool quarter turn locks and padlock hasps for additional access control. An optional 6” plinth is available for pad mount deployments.

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