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CUBE BBU 2 Volt Battery Backup Cabinet

BBU Series Battery Backup – 2V Battery

Electronics densification in head ends, hubs or other aggregation points is driving the need for increased space inside existing buildings, shelters, huts, etc. Amphenol 2V Battery Enclosures allow operators to recover valuable, conditioned space within existing buildings by enabling the movement of large 2V strings to the outside of buildings. The battery strings can be disconnected and moved with minimal or no disruption to the network. When faced with the choice between a costly building expansion versus deployment of an enclosure outside the building, the choice is simple – Amphenol 2V Battery Enclosure solution saves operators money!

CUBE Battery Backup (BBU) cabinets are ideally suited for head ends, hub sites, cell sites and other outdoor environments when a large amount of battery backup is required. Multiple BBU cabinets can be combined to achieve an even greater amount of battery backup time or string redundancy. BBU cabinets can be installed adjacent to or remotely from other CUBE Site Support (CUBE-SS) Power Enclosures

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