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CUBE Modular Cabinet

Amphenol Modular Cabinets offer the ultimate in flexibility for outdoor enclosure deployments. Multiple standard bays can be mixed and matched into a multitude of different configurations to suit a specific application. The cabinet lineup can be built and shipped direct from our factory in the desired configuration. Additional bays can be ordered separately at a later date to be added in the field to accommodate growth. Standard bay types include relay rack bays to support power and active electronics, passive fiber management, and battery bays to support multiple strings of 12V Monoblock batteries. Options include different thermal management systems for bays needing cooling, internal or external AC power panels, integrated AC-DC power systems, fiber panels, and plinths. Thermal management systems are door mounted and can be added / changed out in the future as cooling needs change. Modular Cabinets are available in three different sizes (size per bay):

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