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Fiber Demarcation Box Gen 3 (FD3)

Amphenol Broadband Solutions has released an expanded capacity fiber demarcation wall-mount enclosure that provides flexibility and versatility for a variety of indoor applications.

The FD3 offers a lightweight aluminum housing with enhancements to cable ports, tie-down brackets and seals, layered fiber routing, various connector port types and increased capacity, as well as door lock options.

Splice trays are configurable to accommodate discrete passive components, such as; splitters and WDM filters, as well High Density optical modules. The center demarcation panel enables High Density HiD4 optical passive cassettes or Mini-LGX cassettes to be installed along with traditional connector bulkhead panels.
The FD3 enclosure will accommodate both SC and LC style connectors in LGX® compatible bulkhead panels and provides an ideal environment for splicing and patching when building, maintaining and storing your vital network connection points.
MPO connectors can also be leveraged in the FD3. Fanouts terminated with an MPO connector are available wtih the MPOs mounting on the splice tray.

LGX® is a registered trademark of OFS FITEL, LLC


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