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FSB – Fiber Splice Boxes

The FSB series of indoor wall mount enclosures are designed for centralized splice-only applications.

These boxes are well suited as optical cable splice collection points for DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), MTU (Multi-Tenant Unit) commercial business applications and MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) residential fiber network applications, to name a few.

These aluminum enclosures are designed for high-density splice storage, with emphasis on proper fiber management and versatility of cable port seals and cable tie-down features. FSB enclosures can be configured at the time of order for either ribbon splicing or single fiber splicing. The ribbon splice configuration utilizes the base of the enclosure as the splice tray; maximizing technician access to the splicing area and providing the full enclosure footprint for ribbon routing and splice storage.

Click here to watch a video and see how easy it is to store ribbon fiber in the FSB.

Single fiber splice configurations allow up to three removable splice trays to be mounted into the box. An integrated “basket” provides loose tube storage below the splice trays and keeps tube storage segregated from cable entrance ports and fiber storage on the splice trays.

Each enclosure size includes four cable ports with sealing options that include rubber grommets, compression seals or conduit fittings while cable tie-down features include single cable clamps, dual cable retention brackets or central strength member brackets.

The FSB enclosure product offering provides improved splice management and access, a variety of modular cable port accessories and increased splice storage density in several housing sizes and capacities.


  • Improved cable port tie-downs for cable sheath and strength members
  • Rubber port seals provided as standard
  • Dual cable retention bracket enables multiple cables per port
  • High density splice capacity
  • Standard 216 security door lock screws with integrated padlock hasp
  • Removable ribbon splice modules or hinged splice trays
  • Easy wall mounting – hardware included
  • Versatile and modular cable port accessories
  • Grounding and feed-thru options

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