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Home Optic (H-Connector)

The Amphenol Home Optic (H-Connector) is a single fiber FTTH (Fiber to the Home) interconnect assembly designed to be used in direct burial or aerial connection to the NID (Network Interface Device). This compact threaded polymer housing connector provides an IP-68 water and dust seal and is assembled using either flat drop style cables or round OSP cable.

Attenuators are used to reduce optical power levels when too much light would overload the fiber optic receivers. In order to achieve the best bit error ratio (BER), the optical power must be maintained within the dynamic range of the receiver. Amphenol Broadband Solutions fiber optic attenuators fit the requirement perfectly. Attenuators absorb extra light energy and protect fiber optic receivers from being overloaded. Amphenol Broadband Solutions attenuators do not reflect the light but instead they absorb the extra light without being damaged. Commonly known as bulkhead connectors, these attenuators have 1 male and 1 female end and have an actual operation wavelength between 1200 – 1600nm.

ABS manufactures quality Fiber Jumpers that are available in many formats to suit your need whether it be for: Local Area Networks, Telephone Networks, CATV, Video & Multimedia Applications, Premises Networks, Active Device / Transceiver Interface, Optical Switch Interframe Connections, or any other optical connection.


  • Data center
  • Head end
  • Service provider
  • Colocation
  • Transport networks
  • Carrier cross connects

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