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Indoor Fiber Drop Cables & Fiber Wand

The Amphenol Indoor Fiber Drop Cables and Fiber Wand solution facilitate quick installations from the outside DMARC to inside the living unit using factory terminated cables. The Fiber Wand provides a reliable way to run terminated fiber connectors quickly and safely through 3/8” wall penetrations.

The Indoor Drop Cables feature 4.8mm OD indoor/outdoor rated cable with 3.0mm subunits. These come coiled and terminated with SC connectors on each end. The SC UPC end ships without the connector housing attached allowing it to fit into the Fiber Wand. After installation, the housing is easily snapped onto the connector.

The Fiber Wand is 8 inches and consists of two pieces that intuitively and securely snap together using magnet technology holding the SC connector inside. For separation, the wand features convenient tabs on the cable exit end.

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●  Faster installation times by using factory terminated indoor drops

●  Protects pre-terminated fiber connectors when penetrating exterior and interior walls

●  Quickly attaches to the SC connectors using magnet technology.

●  No tools required for attachment or release

●  Glows in the dark for better visibility in basement, crawlspace and dark space installations

●  Extra long for penetration through block, concrete and framed walls

●  The push wand is reusable and non-conductive

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