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Microduct Manifold

Amphenol Broadband Solutions introduces a new Microduct Manifold to organize and secure microduct tubes.

The innovative design of this new manifold achieves strong and consistent tube retention force across all tube positions. A cover is included to protect fibers as they transition from the microduct tubes to the wall mount enclosure which provides seamless protection for customer installations. The label applied to the cover helps deliver installation efficiency by providing readily visible identification for all tube positions. Microduct manifold kits have been created for both 24 and 72 tube installations. Other kit configurations available upon request.

The microduct manifold is designed to seamlessly interface with multiple ABS wall mount enclosures such as our FDE (Fiber Demarc EnhancedBox). It will also interface with a variety of other wall boxes available in the market.

Ideal for multiple dwelling unit (MDU) applications where microducts are commonly used. The microduct manifold is optimized for ease of installation, as well as to provide leading performance, that helps deliver maximum value to the customer.

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  • Manifold accommodates both 8.5 mm and 10 mm microducts
  • Cover designed to provide protection for fibers as they transition from microduct tubes to wall mount enclosure
  • Manifold plates stack vertically on top of each other to minimize footprint on wall and provide stability
  • Design applies strong and equal pressure to all tube positions
  • Label allows for proper identification and tracking of tubes microduct and fibers
  • RoHS compliant plastic material

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