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nrgSMART Integrated Controller & Sensor

Simple network integration

nrgSMART technology requires no proprietary application software and is designed to inter-operate with existing SNMP management tools and Ethernet networks. The controller has a built-in HTML interface that is accessible via a standard web browser. All system configurations are adjusted via the web interface. Once configured, settings can be exported and can be uploaded into other panels to simplify and standardize your configurations. A variety of parameters can be monitored using SNMP “Get” commands, and alarms are sent via SNMP traps.

1:1 or 1:N network connectivity

nrgSMART panels can be configured with a controller board (CTRL) in every panel, providing 1:1 connectivity between the network and each panel (See Figure 2). For installations where a single network connection to multiple nrgSMART panels (1:N) is desired, install only one controller (CTRL) panel and install additional panels with nrgSMART sensing only (SENS) (see Figure 3). Sensor panels are connected to the single Controller panel via a nrgNET serial cable. nrgSMART panels can be interchanged between CTRL and SENS functionality in the field for future-proof flexibility.


nrgSMART patented technology provides a rich suite of data collection and monitoring capabilities, down to the circuit level. Reporting of voltage, panel input current, individual circuit output current, and remote temperature provide insights into conditions before alarms are triggered. Deep alarming capabilities allow four threshold points (two “high” and two “low”) per parameter, per circuit. For simplicity, thresholds can be set globally, or on a circuit-by-circuit basis.

Primary Benefits

  • 100% passive monitoring
  • Collect feed voltage, individual circuit current and remote temperatures
  • Data is collected and sent to a customer’s network management system via SNMP
  • Universal voltage (±12VDC, ±24VDC and ±48VDC) enables implementation of nrgSMART in a variety of applications.
  • No proprietary application software: HTML for user interface
  • UL compliant to ensure industry-standard safety and functional requirements

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