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Traceable Patch Cords

Amphenol presents an innovative solution for fiber patching. The Traceable Fiber Patch Cord (TPC) product line is an effective solution for eliminating interconnect errors in dense interconnect environments. The TPC utilizes a positive light indication to identify the other side of the patch.

The Traceable Patch Cord is targeted toward high density and high congestion areas of the telecommunication fiber optic network. Areas of use spans across the network where passive and active fiber management elements are located.

Key Benefits:

  • Visual indication on each end of the jumper
  • Eliminates errors due to mislabeling, missing labels or confusion in high density frames
  • Reduced insertion loss while routing cable through congested fiber trough and tray, dense frames or between equipment
  • Reduced OPEX cost by reducing installation, maintenance and trouble shooting time
  • Simplify and speed up deployment and cross connect
  • Eliminate errors during move and adds to fiber capacity


  • LED Indicator at both ends of jumper
  • Flashlight style tool to apply power to one end of jumper to easilyidentify the far end of a jumper in connected area
  • Assemblies are available in singlemode and multimode OM3
  • All assemblies meet TIA/EIA and IEC intermateablility standards
  • RoHS compliant
  • Available in a wide variety of connector types and lengths
  • Custom configurations available upon request, including multiple boot styles, colors and angle options.

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