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Universal Splice / Component Tray

The Amphenol Broadband Solutions Universal Splice / Component Tray has been designed to promote organized fiber management in a compact and efficient footprint.

The versatile tray is designed to accept modules with unique flexible holders that provide placement for a wide variety of fusion and mechanical splice sleeves as well as passive components. Modules are also available for several sizes of passive multi-component housings. Sleeve and passive component modules can be mixed and matched on the tray for maximum flexibility in all field applications. Splice sleeve and passive component modules snap into the tray using patent-pending features that greatly reduce the risk of fibers being pinched or broken during module installation to the tray. Fiber routing features molded into the tray prevent the opportunity to exceed a fiber’s minimum bend radius, even in tray-to-tray routing applications. The Universal Splice / Component Tray incorporates a snap-on articulated hinge that is easily removable for applications where a multi-tray tower is not available or warranted, such as the ABS Fiber Splice Shelf. A clear tray cover, fiber routing label, adhesive backed fiber/tube wrap and tie-wraps are included with each tray.


  • Molded-in fiber routing bend controls and tabs provide fiber management
  • A variety of snap-in modules accept single fusion sleeves, mass fusions sleeves, mechanical splices, discrete passive components and passive multi-component housings
  • Fiber tie-down areas located on each corner of the tray allow for easy tie-wrap installation using a unique pass-thru feature, eliminating the need to feed the tie-wrap through a hole
  • Exclusive side wall cut-out enables easy fiber relocation below the retention tab to prevent pinching during tray cover installation
  • Multiple trays will “nest” for high density stacking
  • Clear tray cover with finger holes provided for easy installation and removal
  • Articulated hinge, available for tray tower mounting applications, allows parallel stacking when tower spacing or tray thicknesses vary
  • Medium sized trays allow for 12 fiber ribbon routing & storage

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