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Z05 / Z06 Vented Vertical Pedestals

Amphenol‘s Z05 and Z06 series vented vertical pedestals provide ease of installation and maintenance and robust protection for active and passive devices, including fiber components in below-grade outside plant cable environments. The pedestals are built with UV-stabilized high-impact resistance HDPE and have a thermally optimized integrated insect-resistant vented design. This innovative design provides a robust pedestal housing that protects to house active and passive components in RF and Fiber network deployments. In addition, several different bracket configurations are available to mount various hardware.

The pedestal has been designed for stability and mitigates pull-over. During installation, bury the pedestal base to the desired depth in the ground and backfill. Additionally, the pedestals come with various self-locking dome options to address specific security requirements.


  • Secure and robust for all weather conditions with high-impact resistant UV stabilized material.
  • Thermally optimized integrated vent design for reliable operation in all environments.
  • Craft-friendly one-piece dome comes with a self-latching lock that slides easily into secure locking position. Temporary drop access.
  • All hardware and bracket options are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel for sturdiness.
  • 360° access and rectangular shape provides increased workable area.

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