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Require Density?   Connectorization provides a dense solution, allowing outputs to come straight out of the panel, so that a 1RU panel truly takes only 1RU; no open space is required below the panel for cable routing.

Need to Streamline Your Install?   Connector contacts use the same installation crimpers as standard lugs, and quickly plug into the power panel with a dual-locking retainer.  Connectors can be dis-assembled and re-assembled in the field.  Screw terminations are eliminated, making installation and upgrades very fast.  Pre-assembled whips can be custom-ordered to allow even faster deployments.

Have a Variety of Capacity Requirements?   Panels are available in high current input 8×8 circuit breaker or TPA fuses, mid-current TPA/circuit breaker/GMT combinations, and low current 10×10 GMT and 15×15 GMT variations.

Need Some Power Intel?   Panels are available with standard alarming via output contacts or with nrgSMART per-circuit current monitoring.

Love the Simple Life?   All panels have removable alarm cards for easy field servicing.  All standard panels share a common alarm card and all nrgSMART panels share a common nrgSMART alarm card, making spare inventory simpler to manage.

This platform provides front access to alarm enable/disable switch configuration for uninstalled TPA fuse or breaker locations. Also featured are front LED indicators for power/fuse alarms, monitoring status, rear connections for form C relay alarms, and optional nrgSMART connections. Each of the 240A feeds provide power for up to five GMT and four TPA or breakers output positions. The panel includes removable 1RU TPA fuse holders. These 1RU TPA fuse holders feature an ergonomic front grip for easy removal, sliding top cover to protect the fuse from above, and red alarm plunger to indicate a failed fuse. Circuit breakers are an optional accessory and can be installed with a protective cover to protect against unintended on or off switching. Circuit breaker covers are included with all panels. Field replaceable GMT fuses are available from 18/100A to 20A. TPA fuses are available from 5A to 50A per position. Breakers are available from 5A to 60A per position. The panel supports universal voltages (±12VDC to ±48VDC).

Primary Benefits

  • Universal voltage (±12VDC, ±24VDC, and ±48VDC) enables standardization on a single part number for multiple voltages
  • Up to 50A fuses or 60A breakers for distribution to a variety of network elements UL and NEBS compliant to ensure industry-standard safety and functional requirements
  • Form C relay contacts provide reliable alarm connections
  • Integrated designation cardholder for simple circuit identification
  • Fail alarm LEDs indicate fuse and power failures
  • Clear, flame-retardant polycarbonate cover (94V-0) protects input and output power connections and wiring from damage
  • Either vertical feed inputs and staggered output terminal blocks to facilitate waterfall cable management, horizontal feed inputs and output connectors that speed-up installation and allow cables to exit straight back from the panel, or vertical feed inputs and output connectors that allow input cables to be routed directly from above and speed up installation of outputs
  • Optional Individual Circuit Monitoring provides high accuracy, 100% passive monitoring
  • Collect voltage and current for both feed and output circuit
  • Collect temperature using optional nrgTEMP probes



Inputs: Specifications:
Voltage range (nominal voltage) ±12VDC, ±24VDC, and ±48VDC
Max. input load rating 240A @ 45°C per panel (De-rated to 160A @ 65°C)
Short circuit withstand rating 5000A
Nominal power loss at full load Less than 45W per side @11,520W full load per side (240A x 48V);
240A @ 45°C per panel
Percentage of full power dissipation at nominal voltage Less than 0.5%
Max. input interrupt device 125% of panel rating (for 240A rated feeds)
Optional (Standard and -SC Versions): Vertical input terminal studs (with Keps nuts and flat washers) for dual-hole compression lugs Two pairs of 3/8-16 studs on 1″ centers per terminal [max. lug width of 1.15″ (29.2 mm)]. Torque nut (using 9/16″ or 15 mm socket) to 150 in/lb. (~17 N•m), max.
Optional (-C Versions): Horizontal input terminal landings (with Keps nuts, flat washers, and bolts) for dual-hole compression lugs Two pairs of 3/8” holes on 5/8”-1″ centers per terminal [max. lug width of 1.5″ (38.1 mm)]. Torque bolt and nut (using 9/16″ or 15 mm sockets) to 150 in/lb. (~17 N•m), max.
Input wire size 2/0 AWG to 350 MCM
Grounding: Specifications:
Earth GND terminal bolts (with spring washers and flat washers) for dual-hole compression lug Three sets of 1/4-20 threaded holes on 5/8″ centers. [max. lug width of .50″ (12.7 mm)]. Torque bolts (using 7/16″ or 12 mm socket) to 50 in/lb. (5.5 N•m), max.
Ground wire size #14 AWG to #4 AWG
Outputs: Specifications:
Output fuse 20A GMT fuse

50A TPA fuse

60A circuit breaker

Output load 16A continuous GMT fuse

40A continuous TPA fuse

48A continuous circuit breaker

Minimum short circuit interrupt rating 5000A
Optional (Standard Versions): Terminal blocks, single-hole compression lugs 10, #6-32 screws [max. lug width of .32″ (8.1)]. Torque screw to 8 in/lb. (.9 N•m), max.  GMT guse

8, #10-32 screws [max. lug width of .50″ (12.7)]. Torque screw to 20 in/lb. (2.3 N•m), max. TPA fuse or circuit breaker

Optional (Standard Versions): Output wire size, single-hole compression lug #22 AWG to #6 AWG, GMT fuse

#14 AWG to #4 AWG, TPA fuse or circuit breaker

Optional (-C and -SC Versions): Connectors (purchased separately) 10, P24 connector plugs, latching, safe touch, GMT fuse

8, P40 connector plugs, latching, safe touch, TPA fuse or circuit breaker

Optional (-C and -SC Versions): Output wire size, connectors #14 AWG to #10 AWG, GMT fuse

#12 AWG to #6 AWG, TPA fuse or circuit breaker

GMT fuses Cooper Bussmann and Littelfuse
TPA fuses Cooper Bussmann
Circuit breaker AIRPAX 1U Series
Alarms: Specifications:
Alarm relay contacts 2A @ 30 VDC; 0.6A @ 60 VDC
Max. alarm card power rating @12V: 18mA (0.22W) @24V: 20mA (0.48W); @48V: 30mA (1.44W)
Alarm wire size #24 AWG, typical (#26 to #20 AWG)
Terminals Wire wrap or mates with TE Connectivity 3-640428-3
Dimensions: Specifications:
240GT54/nrg240GT54 Height: 1.75″ (44 mm)

Depth: 13.5″ (344 mm)

Width: 17″ (432 mm) without brackets

19” and 23” brackets included with panel

240GT54-C/nrg240GT54-C Height: 1.75″ (44 mm)

Dephth: 18.7″ (475 mm) without tie bar

21.9″ (557 mm) with tie bar

Width: 17″ (432 mm) without brackets

19” and 23” brackets included with panel

Tie bar included with panel

Cable-end connectors not included with panel

240GT54-SC/nrg240GT54-SC Height: 1.75″ (44 mm)

Depth: 13.5″ (344 mm) without tie bar

17.0″ (432 mm) with tie bar

Width: 17.0″ (432 mm) without brackets

19″ and 23″ brackets included with panel

Tie bar and cable-end connectors not included with panel

Compliance: Specifications:
UL Listed
NEBS Level 3
Voltage Sensor (nrgSMART model only): Specifications:
Sensor accuracy -19.99 to +19.99V: ± 0.3V

-20V to -60V: ± 0.1V

+20V to +60V: ± 0.1V

Voltage measurement range -60 to +60 VDC

• Voltage measurement may be slightly different than at input terminal blocks due to the voltage drop within the panel.

• Sensors are factory calibrated and do not require user adjustment.

Current Sensor (nrgSMART model only): Specifications:
Precision / accuracy


±5% precision, ±0.25A accuracy

Example: 40A current, will measure 40A ± (40A*5%) ± 0.25A

= 40A ± 2.0A ± 0.25A

= 37.75A to 42.25A

Communication (nrgSMART model only): Specifications:
nrgOS minimum required version nrgOS 4.1.0
nrgNET communication protocol Proprietary serial protocol used to communicate between panels and controller
nrgNET connector Removable 5-pin connector with screw down terminals
nrgNET connector functions nrgNET IN from the Controller or upstream nrgSMART panel

nrgNET OUT to downstream nrgSMART panel

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